The fundamental objectives of CREM are:

        1. Recovery of marine protected species and subsequent return to their habitat.

        2. care and care for strandings of marine animals in Ibiza and Formentera with the Agents of Environment.

        3. Social Raising judges on issues affecting the marine environment through educational activities.

        4. Research into the marine environment.

        5. Training university interns.




Throughout the whole year, the CREM carried out a program of activities and educational lectures on various issues affecting marine species and their environment. We offer different educational workshops tailored to each group and age range, completely free of charge and available (reservations required). *

In academia, we have an internship program for college students and provide support in conducting research projects in the marine environment. *

The main beneficiary of CREM are sea turtles, so if you see any in the Aquarium, is found in recovery before being returned to the sea.

What to do if you encounter a sea turtle or marine animals in distress? Do not bother or interact with it, it's a wild animal, you're probably frightened and can hurt you!

+ Important! Do not cut or remove any plastic if the turtle is hooked, this could kill her without prior examination. Call 112, and please watch her as they arrive to experts, this will be the best help you can give :) 




* For more information about our activities, can be found at:                                                       

aquarium cap blanc especies de ibiza acuario sa cove de ses llangostes


Contact phone: 663945475
Oficina: 971342206

Carretera Cala Gració s/n. C.P. 07820. Sant Antoni de Portmany. Ibiza